Survey Finds Kentuckians Prefer To Give Food, Clothing Instead Of Cash

Dec 19, 2017

Volunteers sort donated items at the God's Pantry warehouse in Lexington. A survey found Kentuckians are generous when it comes to donating food but not cash.
Credit Mary Meehan

In this season of giving, one study finds that Kentucky has some room for improvement.

The personal finance website Wallet Hub ranks the commonwealth 41st in the nation overall for charitable giving.

The study used data from a Gallup survey to measure Kentuckians’ percentage of income given to charities and the number of hours spent volunteering. Wallet Hub Analyst Jill Gonzales says Kentuckians appear more willing to open up their wallets than their schedules.

Those choosing to write a check this holiday season are reminded that not all charities are created equal. It’s important to research the charity to see if it’s legitimate and to learn how much of the money is actually going to the cause.

According to the report, those in the commonwealth give more money than their time.

But Wallet Hub Analyst Jill Gonzales says Kentuckians show the most generosity by donating items such as food and clothing.

"Those numbers were actually some of the best in the country. Kentucky ranked 1st for clothing, and it ranked second best for food. So it seems that Kentuckians are most helpful when it comes to giving items, rather than giving time or money."

Indiana fared slightly better in the survey as the 38th most charitable state while Tennessee came in at number 21.