Tea Party Leader Sues Over Medicaid Expansion

Tea party activist David Adams is once again suing Governor Steve Beshear over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. This time, Adams is trying to block the expansion of Medicaid.

The expansion will give 300,000 people a chance to join Medicaid beginning next year. Beshear says that will make Kentuckians healthier and boost the state's economy.

Adams disputes that. His lawsuit challenges a decades- old law that gives Beshear the power to accept federal funds freely.

To help pay his legal fees, Adams says he's asking for help from other tea party activists.

"Anything like this, to do it right, winds up to be very expensive. We continue to go out and sell the effort to people and as they see we are actually on very solid legal ground for asserting consumer and citizens' rights on this, those efforts will just expand."

Adams also has a lawsuit pending to block the state-run health insurance exchange Beshear created by executive order a year ago.