Three Owensboro Residents Arrested in Drug-Selling Conspiracy

Aug 22, 2014

Three Owensboro residents are charged in a conspiracy to steal pain killers and anti-anxiety medication from a local pharmacy. 

Investigators believe more than 50,000 pills were stolen from Don and Daisy’s Pharmacy on West Byers Avenue, and it appears to have been an inside job.  Search warrants were executed Thursday at the pharmacy and at the home of 26-year-old Jessica Heichelbech, a pharmacy employee.

"Detectives were able to seize a handgun and 3,000 Lortab pills, 2,000 that were still in the pharmacy bottles and 100 that were bagged up for sale," said Owensboro Police Public Information Officer Michael Hathaway.  "We also located numerous Xanax pills, as well as marijuana, a marijuana pipe, and other items indicative of the trafficking operation."

Authorities also turned up $10,000-$12,000 in cash.

Two other Owensboro residents were also arrested for trafficking in a controlled substance, 26-year-old Haley Lyons and 32-year-old Carl Hanley. 

Investigators don’t think pharmacy owners Don and Daisy Thomason were involved.

"At this point, we don't have any belief they had any knowledge of this," Hathaway added.

The four-month investigation involved the Owensboro Police Department, Kentucky State Police, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.