White Nose Bat Syndrome Found in Mammoth Cave Tour Areas

Feb 25, 2014

Inside Mammoth Cave
Credit Vickie Carson

The National Park Service says a disease deadly to bats known as white-nose syndrome has been discovered in passageways of Mammoth Cave that are open to park visitors. Park spokeswoman Vicki Carson says there are no plans to change the way the park operates its tours or research.

Approved cleaning methods recommended by the Us S. Fish and Wildlife Service are being adhered to. For some time, visitors have had to walk through bio-security mats as they exit cave tours, for instance.

The disease was found in remote sections of Mammoth Cave last year. Carson says discovery of it in passageways open to visitors wasn't unexpected. White-nose syndrome has killed millions of cave-dwelling bats in eastern North America. Park superintendent Sarah Craighead said the disease affects bats, not humans.