WKU AD Likes Idea of Short College Football Playoff Series

Jun 21, 2012

WKU's Athletic Director says a proposed four-team playoff model for college football would be a good move for the game. Todd Stewart tells WKU Public Radio a BCS presidential oversight committee will likely act on the proposal at a meeting next Tuesday.

If approved, the four-team playoff would replace the BCS, or "Bowl Championship Series" format that's been in place since 1998.

While some fans want an 8 or 16 team playoff, Stewart thinks four is the right number.

“Everybody is already playing 12 regular season games, and then conferences that have a conference championship are playing 13 games,” said Stewart. “So if you had 16 teams in a playoff, then whoever is in the national championship game is playing four more games. That’s 17 games, like an NFL season.”

ESPN is reporting the four college playoff teams would be selected by a committee, which would consider criteria such as conference championships and strength of schedule.

Under the playoff proposal, the two national semifinal games would be played at the Fiesta, Orange, Rose, and Sugar bowls on a rotating basis.