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Software Tools for Historical Research
6:32 am
Thu April 5, 2012

WKU Historian Working on Shiloh Research Project

Shiloh National Military Park
Josh Clemons

Dr. Glenn LaFantasie of the WKU Institute for Civil War Studies is involved in a software mapping project that could become very significant to future historians. The WKU Historian has been to Shiloh in recent months, helping to map that historic Civil War battlefield. 

Civil War Series
12:00 pm
Sun April 1, 2012

Women Played Significant--if Untold--Roles During U.S. Civil War

This is a compilation of reports by WKYU-FM's Joe Corcoran that is being submitted for Best Series/Documentary in the 2013 Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters radio awards.

These reports aired March 5, March 12, and March 19, 2012.

Joe's reports tap into the expertise of two Civil War historians in our region who explore how women disguised themselves as men to fight in the war; the impact of women who served as nurses on both sides of the fighting; and the role of women who remained at home and on the farms while the fighting raged on.

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Civil War Series
6:05 am
Mon March 19, 2012

Women in the Civil War: On The Homefront

As their husbands, sons and fathers went off to fight on the front lines, women who stayed behind had to keep the family going however they could. In this third part of his three-part series Women in the Civil War, Joe Corcoran speaks with WKU Civil War historians Dr. Jack Thacker and Dr. Glenn LaFantasie about the new gender roles women were forced to take on and how those changes are still being felt today.

Civil War Series
6:05 am
Mon March 12, 2012

Women in the Civil War: Thousands Volunteered as Nurses

The casualty numbers of the Civil War were staggering for both the Union and the Confederacy. They would have been much higher without the thousands of women who volunteered as nurses in hospitals and homes.

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Civil War Series
6:05 am
Mon March 5, 2012

Women in the Civil War

One of the best kept secrets of the Civil War is the number of women who disguised themselves as men so they could fight on the front lines. In the first of his three-part series Women in the Civil War, Joe Corcoran speaks with WKU Civil War historians Dr. Glenn LaFantasie and Dr. Jack Thacker about these forgotten warriors.

Civil War Series
9:18 am
Fri March 2, 2012

Battle of Ironclads was Pivotal in Naval History

WKU Military Historian Dr. Jack Thacker and WKU Civil War Historian Dr. Glenn LaFantasie say the battle between the Monitor and Merriman (also known as "the Virginia") had an impact beyond the outcome of the American Civil War.

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Organizational Skills in the Civil War
2:44 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Organizational Skills Were Pivotal in the Civil War

WKU Historians Glenn LaFantasie and Jack Thacker say many people have overlooked the importance of logistics and organization in conducting the Civil War. They talk with Dan Modlin of WKU Public Radio...

Lasting Impact of the Ironclads
2:39 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Relecting on the Great Naval Battle of the Civil War

WKU Historians Jack Thacker and Glenn LaFantasie discuss the lasting impact of the battle of the "ironclads"

in the Civil War.  They talk with Dan Modlin

McClellan's Impact
2:34 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Discussing the Impact of General McClellan in U-S Civil War

Historians Discuss Arlington
2:30 pm
Wed February 8, 2012

Historians Discuss Formation of Arlington National Cemetary