Lexington, KY – On the eve of Kentucky's primary, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband jointly made their case why she should be the one to face Republican John McCain in the general election.

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Lexington, KY – Michelle Obama made campaign stops in several Kentucky towns the night before the state's primary election. Her husband, presidential candidate Barack Obama, campaigned little in Kentucky, choosing instead to concentrate on winning in Oregon, which also votes on Tuesday.

During a rally last night at her husband's Lexington campaign office, Michelle Obama told some 250 volunteers they could make history in a matter of hours.

Lexington, KY – Only two minor delays were reported this morning when the polls opened in Lexington. Kathleen Adams talked with voters outside a Fayette County precinct near UK and filed this report.

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Owensboro, Ky – Our series of candidate profiles continues with a look at Senator David Boswell of Owensboro. The Democrat is running for the 2nd District US House seat being vacated by Republican Ron Lewis. Senator Boswell spoke to our Lisa Autry.

Bowling Green, Ky – The list of Kentucky Democrats running for the US Senate seat held by Republican Mitch McConnell is a long one, but two names appear to be floating to the top. Bruce Lundsford and Greg Fischer are considered the two front-runners for their party's nomination. They spoke to WKU Public Radio about the economy, Iraq, and negative campaigning.