Family Enrichment Center

A Warren County group dedicated to providing safe environments for all children hopes more families will consider adoption.

November is adoption awareness month, and the Family Enrichment Center is hoping to shine the spotlight on kids of all ages who are looking for what's known as "forever homes." The group's Board of Directors Chair, Jennifer Brinkley, says a new adoption resource center in Bowling Green is aimed at helping interested parties navigate the often complicated adoption process.

"There are over 120 children in our region who are currently waiting to be adopted," Brinkley told WKU Public Radio. "So it's an important resource when people don't know how to go about the process."

"The Family Enrichment Center, through that adoption resources center, can really help those families."

Brinkley says she often advises families interested in adoption to consider children other than newborns. She says there are many older children-including teenagers-who are eligible for adoption.

An estimated 7,000 Kentucky children are currently in foster care, residential homes, or detention facilities.

Officials with the Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green say the tough economy is having an impact on the amount of child abuse in the region. Lynn Hulsey is the Director of Programming for the organization, and she says hard economic times increase the amount of stress in many households. She says about ten percent more children were abused or neglected in the Barren River Area Development District last year  than in 2010. Dan Modlin has more on the story..........