Yarmuth Applauds Obama's Speech

Jan 22, 2013

Kentucky Third District Congressman John Yarmuth says President Obama delivered a very aspirational speech Monday after his second inauguration. He says he was most impressed with Obama saying the most important question to ask is the responsibility of the federal government.

Yarmuth says gun control, climate change and immigration are all issues that must be addressed and he's expecting more details in the State of the Union speech. Yarmuth said there was a lot of excitement in the crowd with history being made and the atmosphere was much more festive than it was four years ago.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell issued a statement following the President's speech saying Obama's second term "represents a fresh start when it comes to dealing with the great challenges of our day, especially the transcendent challenge of unsustainable federal spending and debt."

WKU Students Witnessing History in Washington D.C.

Jan 21, 2013

A group of WKU political science students will see history made before their eyes Monday. The group is in Washington, DC for the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Since 1989, political science department chair Dr. Saundra Ardrey has been leading trips to the Capitol every four years for the students to witness a presidential inauguration for themselves. While they're there, Ardrey says they also attend Senate hearings and confirmation hearings, meet with members of Kentucky's Congressional delegation and students have the opportunity to interview for jobs or internships.

The students will return from Washington Wednesday.

WKU Public Radio is carrying live coverage from NPR throughout the morning and afternoon Monday of President Obama's inauguration. Click here to see a schedule of our coverage.