Kentucky Court of Appeals

A convicted drug trafficker from Honduras who won a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling will get a new trial after a Kentucky appeals court overturned his conviction because his attorney gave bad advice about deportation. The Kentucky Court of Appeals has ordered a new trial for Jose Padilla, a native of Honduras and permanent legal resident of the United States.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments over whether a truck driver can benefit from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling over what advice attorneys must give non-citizens about possible deportations.

The Kentucky Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in three cases at Western Kentucky University Tuesday. The August 28th proceedings will be open to the public. 

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has issued a divided ruling related to Kentucky’s version of a “stand your ground” law. Those laws have been in the national spotlight recently following the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

In a ruling today based on a Powell County drug case, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled that the state Attorney General's office has limited powers to initiate investigations. In addition, the Court threw out an eastern Kentucky drug conviction, saying the Attorney General's office overstepped its bounds.

The Chief Judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals is hoping more people will gain a better understanding of how that court works. Chief Judge Jeff Taylor of Owensboro says the Court of Appeals reviews the correctness of decisions made by trial courts, and conducts sessions around the state to give citizens the opportunity to see how the cases work.