12:53 pm
Mon July 26, 2004

Voters to Head to Polls for Special Election

Henderson, KY – Voters in six western Kentucky counties will elect
a State Senator on Tuesday. The outcome may hinge
on what voters think of the Republican candidate's
recent decision to switch parties.

Republican David Thomason is a previous member
of the Kentucky House, who used to be a Democrat.
He is running against Democrat Dorsey Ridley to
replace the late Senator Paul Herron of Henderson,
who died in June.

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4:59 pm
Fri July 23, 2004

Federal Judge Bars Kentucky from Preventing Jockeys from Wearing Ads

Louisville, KY – A Federal Judge has permanently barred the state from
preventing jockeys from wearing ads or union logos
during races. U-S District Judge John Heyburn the Second
issued the ruling, ending a dispute that started just days
before the 2004 Kentucky Derby.

Heyburn backed up his initial ruling that said the state's
regulations impinged on the jockey's first amendment
rights. Heyburn said the free-speech rights of jockeys
outweighed the state's concerns.

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2:48 pm
Fri July 23, 2004

Scorsone to Hold Public Forum on Human Rights Commission Issue

Lexington, KY – State Senator Ernesto Scorsone is planning to hold
a public forum Monday, to get public input on Governor
Fletcher's proposed changes to the Kentucky Commission
on Human Rights. The Democrat from Lexington says
concerns from the public should be heard, before
major changes are put into place.

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11:08 am
Thu July 22, 2004

Re-enlistmed Running High in Kentucky National Guard

Frankfort, KY – The possibility of wartime deployments for hundreds of
Kentucky National Guard soldiers and airmen is not
discouraging re-enlistments. Officials say about
93 percent of those eligible to leave the Guard in the
past eighteen months have instead opted to re-enlist.

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10:11 am
Thu July 22, 2004

Governor Wants to Reorganize Kentucky's Human Rights Commission

Frankfort, KY – Governor Fletcher's Chief of Staff says Kentucky's
Governor is planning to re-organize the state's
Human Rights Commission. Daniel Groves says
the final details of the Commission's future make-up
were not finished. However, he says the move would
reduce the number of Commissioners and would
make them full-time.

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4:03 pm
Wed July 21, 2004

Authorities Investigate Nashville Vehicle Explosion

Nashville, TN – Authorities say a sports utility vehicle exploded and
killed a man in a parking lot at Nashville's largest
hotel. A-T-F agents say the explosion in the
Range Rover happened just before midnight in a
lot about a half-mile from the main entrance to the
Opryland Hotel.

Agents say the cause of the blast has not been determined,
but investigators suspect it was a homemade bomb.
Investigators from the Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force
and the F-B-I are working on the case.

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9:07 am
Wed July 21, 2004

Danville Doctor Released from Captivity in Zimbabwe

Danville, KY. – A Danville, Kentucky doctor arrested this month in
Zimbabwe on charges of practicing without a
license has been released. Senator Mitch McConnell's
office confirms that Dr. Ed Montgomery and his
wife, Sara Jane, have both had their passports
returned. The two had been relieved of their
passports some two weeks ago, while they were
on a medical mission trip to the African country.

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10:07 am
Tue July 20, 2004

Medicaid Abuse Hot Line Established

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Attorney General's Office has
established a toll-free hotline to report cases
of Medicaid abuse. Attorney General Greg Stumbo
says the new hotline can be used to report
billing abuse and cases of patient abuse or

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4:01 pm
Mon July 19, 2004

Republican Congresswoman Criticizes Bumper Sticker

Louisville, KY – A Republican Congresswoman from Louisville is
criticizing a bumper sticker which associates John Kerry
with Osama Bin Laden. The sticker appeared last week
in the window of a G-O-P office in her district.

Representative Anne Northup, a long-time supporter of
President Bush, says the bumper stickers that read,
"Kerry is Bin Laden's Man, Bush in Mine," are
inappropriate. She says the stickers should not be
distributed by Republican campaigns.

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11:08 am
Mon July 19, 2004

Warren County Joins List of Counties Seeking Disaster Relief

Bowling Green, KY – Warren County has joined the list of Kentucky
Counties filing for disaster relief as a result of
last week's storms and high winds. The county is
filing a 1.2 million dollar request after the storms
left 25 thousand homes without power and downed
numerous trees and power lines.

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